April 26, 2017

Engaging Learners


Mommy, Daddy and Me Programs

Give your infant a foundation for a love of the arts.  Foster their creativity and encourage their mental, emotional and social development.  What parent doesn’t want that for their kid.  Your little bundle of joy and you can make art, play music and dance together.  Programs are customized to your interests.

Early Childhood Playtime

We offer a fun-filled educational playtime for young ones using creative movement, music, songs, and stories.  Kids increase and develop their fine and gross motor skills while enhancing language and literacy development. Cooperative learning and social skills grow, too – all while playing.

Arts in CT instructors can also tailor lessons to align with your school’s focus. Help your students imagine, grow and shine!

K-12 (Assemblies, Arts Integration, Workshops)

Arts in CT has more than 500 artists throughout the state. They work with schools in artist-in-residency programs and workshops for professional development and state mastery exams.

We work cooperatively with teachers to create a creative dimension to their lesson plans.  Projects and performances are customized just for your students and you.  Provide the ideas or we’ll give you ours to help ensure maximum program success.

Adult Engagement

Have a night out and let your inner artist loose!  Dance to multicultural rhythms including ballroom. Paint the town red or any other color you like at a painting class. Go on stage for karaoke and open-mic nights. We’ll organize an exciting party just for you using professional entertainment. Whether corporate or private, Arts in CT customizes art oriented events and brings it to the venue of your choice.

Programs can also be designed for art professionals to explore various genres or artistic ranges.

Senior Programs

The arts keep minds, hands and motor skills “tuned up” and bring joy to the young at heart. Artist-in-residence programs take fun and excitement to assisted living facilities, adult living communities, senior recreation centers and private functions.  Participants explore and express their life stories through movement, story, dance, and art making.

Professional teaching artists platform performances, workshops and demonstrations while connecting with older adults to enhance self-esteem, morale, physical and mental agility. 

Music & Memory

Music & Memory suits any group focusing on memory stimulation.  Instructors play music from the good old days encouraging participants to reminisce about life events. They are encouraged to share memories evoked by these songs, melodies and lyrics, and express their imagination by acting, singing, or using gestures.

Memoirs for Life

Everyone has a story in them. In this program, a writer assists the author to create his or her own story. What a great opportunity for seniors to reflect on their life, share it with an engaged listener and remember the value of their experiences. 


Through our wide variety of dance classes, students will learn to use dance as a creative means of self-expression. Classes provide a structured method of learning in a vibrant atmosphere. Dance is beneficial to physical and mental health, and it’s been known to improve memory for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Bring a class to your favorite seniors…they’ll really enjoy it. 

Art Therapy

Arts in CT offers art making to heal and help people with physical, mental and emotional challenges.


For detailed information on all of our programs, please proceed to our Catalog.