Mission Statement

Arts in CT is committed to bringing the arts into diverse communities and art deserts to help individuals of all ages, abilities, cultures, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds pursue their creative and artistic dreams.


We want to see art in all forms of education, deleting all social and economic barriers, and empowering children to not allow anything to stop them from being the best artist possible.


We have a threefold mission:

1 - Teach arts integration in schools using the National Arts Standards 

2 - Help artists remain employed 

3 - Help students make the connection between the arts and viable careers


Growing up in Gary, IN, my family struggled financially after my mom was laid off from her job with US Steel.


As a teen, I loved to sing! I was constantly singing at home, just driving everyone crazy. Eventually, my mom found a program to support my talents, and she enrolled me in the Gifted and Talented program, where I fell in love with musical theater.

In 2016, I created the nonprofit organization, Arts in CT, to help and support local children in Connecticut with a passion to perform, regardless of their socioeconomic background.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to perform, like I did in high school, and they should not be limited to singing and theater. Instead, I include all forms of arts, such as edible, visual, performing, and techno arts, and I provide opportunities for professionals to teach children how to develop their gifts. 



Anna, Instructor

"The various program offerings are very well received and there's always something to keep children and adults busy! As a Zumba Instructor, partnering with Arts in CT has allowed me to interact, meet new people/students and create opportunities for me. Keep up the good work!​"

Neane, Parent

"What a wonderful program. I enrolled my son, a newb, reserved initially and unwilling to participate. With Miss Barbara’s coaching he overcame his fear and had fun. He was given the tools and confidence to grow and it wasn't long before he was singing and dancing on stage. I want to thank CT Arts for helping my child open up and fall in love with theater. We look forward to our next session. Thank you CT Arts!​"

Janis, Parent

"My daughter has been taking voice lessons here for a few months now and I have been amazed at the progress she has made. I've been particularly thankful for Barbara's fun and easy going manner - she absolutely knows how to put even the most anxious kids at ease so that they can relax and do their best!​​"


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