November 26, 2016


Edible Art

Painting Class

Cartoon Art Class

Call for locations and times

Is one of our newest and hottest classes! Professional bakers and chefs throughout the state will be teaching classes in several different venues. Giving the basic tips and creative designs for your tables for the holidays and more!

K Bright-Painting/Drawing-Wed@4pm-5pm (kids)

K Bright-Teens-5pm-6pm

K Bright-Adults-6pm-7pm

Come and learn how to create your favorite master pieces using your own design inspired by an object or person or join us for a 2 hr guided paint night. A professional artist will guide the class in a two hour fun filled class. Book a Paint Party! We have painting classes for all ages.

K Bright-Wed @4pm-5pm (kids)

Teach students how draw and use certain images, to create a specific feeling within a cartoon. Students learn techniques for using simple pictures accompanied by well-chosen words to create meaning for the reader. They study comic books, comic strips and graphic novels to determine how cartoon communication works.


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Photography Class

Arts & Crafts Class

J Lawson-Thurs-6pm-8pm

Introduces the basic principles of design, visual perception, and organization of visual elements in works of art. Focuses on color and two-dimensional design.

A. Reeves- Class Day-TBA 

The class focuses on how the camera works and how to take an interesting picture. Students will practice taking portraits, lighting, staging photos and will examine existing work so that they can learn to take the perfect pictures!

The class will teach how to make basic, fun, arts and craft projects including collages, clay creations, and more! Your child will explore various mediums, dabble in making some seasonal crafts and bring home intriguing projects!


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Fashion Class

Jewelry Making Art

Students will learn about the “do’s and don’ts” of fashion and how to dress accordingly for different occasions. Students will create their own unique outfits and will style their designs using various recycle products and more. Students will learn about fashion around the world, different types of material used for clothing, how to create their own unique clothing designs, and how to style a model ( a classmate).

Make a Statement! Make a bracelets, earrings, necklace and more. Learn simple techniques, bead work and more. Students will learn how to make their own unique jewelry to express themselves and to share their creativity through the jewelry art. Classes are available for all ages and intergenerational class available.