October 4, 2016

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Alexis Kurtz

Alexis Kurtz
Alexis Kurtz
Theatre and Dialect Coaching for all ages!

I am a graduate of the University Honors Program at Eastern Connecticut State University, having finished with a B.A. in Theatre, and a minor in English Linguistics. My undergraduate thesis led me to specialized research in the area of Linguistics for the Stage, specifically focusing on how the Connecticut dialect translates to other common American dialects in plays and performance applications. Friends and family who know me well with undoubtedly catch me speaking in a different English dialect several times a day!

At ECSU, I had the opportunity to perform in more than fifteen productions, exploring the areas of light opera, dance, musical theatre, and straight drama. In those four undergraduate years, I also had the opportunity to perform with a modern dance troupe and a West African Dance troupe, fortifying and diversifying the fifteen years of dance skills I had previously accrued in the areas of Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Lyrical styles of movement. While I don’t consider myself to be a dancer first and foremost, I am confident in my movement ability and I am very passionate to share my knowledge of various types of movement in order to enrich anyone’s daily or theatrical experience, at an age.

I have so much respect for programs which places a high value on education through the arts and understand its great importance. As an artist myself, I have had several diverse teaching/tutoring experience outside my personal area of study which have further informed my advocating for this type of education. In particular, I have seen the importance of arts education through my experience with tutoring in my college town, Willimantic, where I was able to dabble in the leading of artistic programs for an afterschool program. The students truly enjoyed these activities and for many, these activities drew them out of their social shells, which was inspiring. I am also a five-year volunteer at the Hartford Stage Company as I am such a proponent of great Theatre outlets that have constant educational outreach goals as well as a drive for community. This is also true of my experiences as an assistant teacher of dance in high school, where young girls truly grew into themselves through dance. I have also taught Tae Kwon Do classes to younger students, and as a tutor in college, I was in charge of 5-8th graders when I volunteered at Project Academic Advancement. Thus, I have a nice range of experience in teaching and communicating with different ages of students and I really have loved each of these experiences.

In addition, having worked in various customer service capacities over the last five years, I am more than comfortable in such environments where I get to work with, and communicate with others for a greater good. I am indeed efficient, friendly, organized, and very dedicated to anything I do, regardless of the nature of the project; of course, when Theatre is involved, a project becomes particularly close to my heart. What makes Theatre education so special to me is that I have these chances to expand my teaching skills while also having a hand in keeping the arts alive in the younger generation. Theatre is so essential and I love to share this sentiment with anyone I can, knowing it can only be enriching to one’s standard of living and learning in the long-run.

If you would like to see my work, come see me perform in “Babes in Hollywood: The Music of Garland and Rooney” November 17th-December 18th 2016 at the Connecticut Cabaret Theatre and Performing Arts Center! A family-friendly show for everyone!


All Ages
Andover, CT