October 4, 2016

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Anxhela Coba

Anxhela Coba
Anxhela Coba
Trained in drawing, sculpture, painting and pastels and other mediums. Have experience teaching art workshops, personal lessons and working with all ages. Along with art, I am a student of mathematics and a yoga instructor. Passionate about teaching and wanting to make a difference and encourage children to follow and develop they're creative expressions with proper assistance and support.

I was born in Albania and came to the US very young (lived most of my life here). In school, I always gravitated towards the arts and mathematics. In high school, I created many award-winning artworks, some that were featured in newspapers and magazines, like Itowns magazine. I volunteered a lot at a children's museum, mostly helping conduct and assist art-related workshops and classes. Later in life along with other disciplines, I began deeply cultivating my art advancing my techniques and began teaching workshops at the University of Management in southeast, Iowa. I have worked with a diverse set of mediums from the multiple submission pieces I have been asked for. Along with art, my interests range from health, botany, mathematics, interpersonal psychology and dancing. I believe that art is what connects all fields of discipline, it is the most abstract field of creation, and allows us to imagine, construct and fine-tune our internal goals. Giving children these tools is not only fun and exciting but beneficial and necessary for a healthy and creative critical thinking to occur in later years of they're lives.