October 4, 2016

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Ishaar Gupta

Ishaar Gupta
Ishaar Gupta
UConn graduate, professional choral singer, songwriter, and educator

Hi everyone! My name's Ish. I'm from Newtown, CT and graduated from UConn ('16) with a Bachelor's degree in Music, with an emphasis in vocal performance. I currently sing for a few professional choirs in CT - CONCORA, and the South Church Chancel Choir, as well as being a vocal section leader in the Hartford Chorale, a community chorus with professional leaders of over 160.

I currently work full-time at Hartford Stage in education, where we teach residencies and workshops to students all over CT, serving roughly 19,000 students each school year. I am very passionate about education, and eventually would like to become a full-time teaching artist. I also run my own private voice/piano studio, and have taught guitar lessons in the past.

My lessons focus on creativity, while emphasizing fundamentals. I let the student pick about half the repertoire they want to learn, and set aside time in each lesson for songwriting and improvisation, as well as getting to know the student's musical likes and dislikes, in order to cater the lesson to each individual student's needs. I aim to make each lesson help the students discover their own unique musical identity, while also emphasizing the importance of theory and fundamentals.

Hope to work with you soon :)

Hartford, CT