October 4, 2016

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Katrina Casey

Katrina Casey
Katrina Casey
Visual Arts
Artist and student currently working towards a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. Graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Arts. Strong background in Therapeutic Recreation working with children and senior citizens.

I am an artist with a passion for working with people. I believe art brings communities together, teaches us about ourselves and has many therapeutic benefits.  I began a career in Therapeutic Recreation working in a summer camp environment. I taught arts and crafts, ceramics courses and book making. After college I ran art classes for a Memory Care Center at a long term facility. From there I worked my way from being a Recreation Assistant to a Program Director for an Assisted Living Facility. I incorporated art programs for each facility and modified each program for people with different needs and capabilities. I saw first hand the therapeutic benefits of art in every program offered. I put on an art show displaying the work of the residents and saw their self-esteem grow. I saw the soothing effects of tactile stimulation when a resident with dementia painted a self-portrait. I witnessed an agitated resident calm down when offered colored pencils and a mandala to fill in.

I have found therapy in creating my own art work. In college I focused on sculpture; specifically working with clay and found objects. My most recent work is printmaking. Creating art has brought joy and balance to my life and my mission is to share this experience with people of all ages.


Middletown, CT