October 4, 2016

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Taylor Rose

Taylor Rose
Taylor Rose
My trained background is in lyrical/contemporary with Graham and Horton influence. I grew up dancing here in in Connecticut and went on to pursue my degree from The University of Colorado. I have a BA in Dance with emphasis in Street Styles and a concentration in Instruction. When I'm not teaching I'm learning, and like to focus my energy on new music and moves.

Taylor has been a dancer her whole life. From stage performances to making dances in her living room, she was able to turn her passion into her career. Throughout her journey in Connecticut as a student and a dancer Taylor was involved in many other activities. She has a history of individual and competitive figure skating with Team Millennium of Connecticut, then took a more athletic route of joining a Little League softball team that would place second in the 2005 Little League World Series. Focusing on her dance classes still, Taylor knew that the music was leading her in the right path. She became a part of the International Thespian Honors Society after joining The Amity High School Drama Club with many performances and rehearsals added to weekly classes of Lee Lund Dance Company training. Taylor went on to peruse the field of Art post Amity High School Graduation.

Adding a year of influence from The New England School of Art and Design Fine Art program, Taylor became a student at The University of Colorado and began to deepen her connection to the art of Dance. With influence from the university Dance Program nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty and masters students, like  Erica Randall and Michelle Ellsworth, as well as direct casting with grant based artists like Lorenzo "Rennie" Harris and Millicent Johnnie, Taylor gained experience from master classes and local classes with Polabulus, Ohad Naharin, Zoey Jakes, Mecca Madyun, Larry Southall, Rico Changeux, and John Scott, Block 1750, and BBOY Factory staff.

Getting to enjoy the beauty of the Rockies only made her admire her soundings even more and continues influence her dance style and choreography from all nature and its roots. With her acquired backstage and production, photography, and media editing skills Taylor envisions her career continuing to grow as well as shared with those in her immediate community.