October 4, 2016

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Kelly Nelsen

Kelly Nelsen
Kelly Nelsen
28 years of experience in all aspects of theater and film, including: Acting, directing, Shakespeare, improvisation, performance and audition technique, advanced text analysis, classical theater, theater history, playwriting, costuming, lighting and sound design, props making, set construction, drama therapy/expressive theater and production management.

Kelly has worked in all aspects of theater and film for over 28 years. Her diverse resume gives her the ability to teach all aspects of stage and screen.

Stage training includes 28 years of onstage experience with local and professional companies. Offstage, she has worked professionally as a director, assistant director, stage manager, producer, stagehand, running crew, lighting, sound, set design, costume design and dramaturg.

Her speciality is Shakespeare, having trained with the Royal Shakespeare Company and attended a directing workshop with Greg Doran and John Barton. (Blog at: ShakespearefortheCompletelyUninterested.com.)

In film, she's worked on both sides of the camera as an actor and a director.