October 4, 2016

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Edward Steinerts

Edward Steinerts
Ed Steinerts is a Milford CT based photographer and graphic designer.
With his roots in film photography and traditional analog graphic arts,
he became an early adopter of digital technology. His photography work
can be best described as intimate landscapes and abstracts from nature and
decayed man made objects.

Ed Steinerts was born in 1953 from Latvian immigrants. He purchased his first camera
when he was 12 years old. Throughout his school years he balanced his interests in he made
the transition from analog art, graphic design and photography. Majored in art at Housatonic Community College
followed by a Certificate program in Graphic Design at Connecticut Center for Continuing

He found work as an in-house industrial/corporate photographer for Nash Engineering in Norwalk, CT.
Overtime his work responsibilities expanded to graphic design as he made the transition from analog to
digital methods. During his career his design work moved on to Flash animation, interactive motion graphics,
and 3D solid model rendering.

In 2009 Ed Steinerts returned to fine art photography and began to show his work publicly in the Milford area.

His fine art photography can be viewed here: