October 4, 2016

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Jenny Lynn Beckwith

Jenny Lynn Beckwith
Jenny Lynn Beckwith
Acrylic painting, arts and crafts and more
Acrylic painting, Glass painting, arts and crafts , face painting, stringing, knotting and beading, hair wrapping

I have been an Artist since I can remember, drawing , painting and crafting. I was one of those kids who always had A’s in Art. I’d say that my Art career began in High school when I was excepted into the visual arts program at The Educational center for the Arts (ECA) an arts magnet school in New Haven. The experience l learned while I attended had opened my eyes to all forms of mediums, but I quickly realized my passion and creations were best with a paint brush in my hand. Painting is my joy, I have explored with watercolors, dabbled with oils but my expertise is using acrylics to create landscapes, portraits and designs. I also enjoy the diverse world of arts and crafts where I learned macramé, crochet, jewelry making, pottery, etching, candle making and the list goes on. My specialty is making art forms out of recycled materials which helped me when I was a Girl Scout leader looking for ideas to entertain the troop. Garbage can be beautiful. I’ve been professionally teaching paint parties in the Milford/ New Haven area for over 4 years now. Between teaching arts and crafts and painting with children at camp, girl scouts, and church school as well as teaching adults in a social setting, I have observed on all levels that many students become anxious or pressured to create perfect masterpieces. When I teach I try to make the painter feel relaxed and at ease and comfortable with the paint brush their your hands. My goals are to get everyone one to realize that they each have an individuality that can’t be duplicated, to find their style and stick with it when they find it. In your typical “Bob Ross” style of teaching I try to encourage self-esteem and confidence in their own work rather than having the painter comparing their work with others. I tend to bring the painter out in everyone, giving simple instruction and patiently working individually with each artist. My paint parties are always entertaining, and relaxing. Paint parties are usually acrylic on canvas. I also teach painting on glass using enamel on wine glasses, vases, mugs, or any glass surface. I have taught one on one as private instruction and group parties, children and Adults. Birthday parties, bachelorette parties girls night out celebrations, fairs, and events I do it all not just painting…plant parties, themed crafts, painting pallets, painting ceramics, beading and knotting, string hair wrapping, and face painting are all my expertise! I also design paintings based on requests of specific composition on canvases, murals, walls and doors, floors and furniture.