October 4, 2016

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Chelsea Dacey
Musical theatre
Chelsea is a performer and teaching artist in CT with experience Off-Broadway, Regionally, and more.
Devin Lawless
Knitting, sculpting, painting, drawing.
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Devin Lawless has been knitting for eighteen years and has been teaching others how to knit throughout this time. She is an experienced sculptor and has won first place in many art competitions. In addition to her sculpting skills, she also has a great deal of experience with drawing and painting.
New Haven
Joanna Bair
I can teach Acting and most styles of Dance.
Michael Gonzalez
Hip-hop dance
I am a 24 yr male that loves to move his in a free way that lights everyone's soul up. I've done hip-hop dancing for all my life and have taught it for 5 yes.