October 4, 2016

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Act It! Tell It! Mary Jo Maichack
Storytelling, Folktales, Drama & Music
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Mary Jo Maichack (Maichack Arts) offers you 27 years' experience on stage and in the classroom for pre-k to seniors. Shows, workshops, residencies, p.d. Very interactive, fun, thoughtful and funny. Preschoolers move, dance, sing, listen, echo to Mother Goose in character, w/puppets; school-age kids k-8 listen, sing, retell and act out world folktales and build language skills while having fun; seniors enjoy folktales and a traveling cabaret (w/keyboard player) from the American Songbook. Two national awards for her CDs of storytelling and music. Teaching artist in countless residencies, after-schools. Former children’s librarian, B.A., cum laude, English literature, Middlebury College; incorporates foreign languages. Seen at 5,000 venues—museums, libraries, schools, to festival stages, U.S. & Europe.
Hartford, Enfield, New London, Norwich, Windsor, Ellington, Manchester, more
Eileen Panepinto
Painting, mixed media painting, collage and constructions
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Eileen Panepinto is a mixed media artist, painter and collagist, based in Weston. She received her BFA, with honors, in painting from the School of Visual Arts, New York, and moved to Weston in 1993. For over 30 years she has exhibited in numerous group shows in New York, Connecticut and beyond, and has had six one-person exhibitions. As well Eileen has been a teaching artist for many years, teaching visual art to children in various venues including in visiting artists programs at area schools. She has been a grades 1-8 teacher at a Montessori school, and has taught at special summer art camp programs, after-school programs and in individual instruction. Because she is a mixed media artist she has skills in many mediums such as: painting, drawing, collaging, sculpting, printing, graphic design. She nurtures the individual`s creativity and takes innovative approaches with her students while teaching foundational art principles and techniques.
1st through 8th. Has taught privately to teenagers and adults.