October 4, 2016

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Emmanuel Medrano
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I am a hip-hop dance instructor specializing in all forms of the hip-hop style.
New Britain
kahn gasimov
sculpture, painting, drawing, video, performance
Leaving and working in New Haven CT, completed number of projects for Museums around the world. Participated in Venice Biennale. Completed sculpture commission for permanent installation for Rockefeller gardens in Cleveland OH. Thirteen years of art education, earned MA and BFA.
New Haven
Tyler Brown
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Tyler "PartyPat" Brown
I create art for the world. Dance is my free form expression. Its raw, and full of soul. I feel dancing in your dreams is a sign to open up. I realized throughout my years many people use dance to break out of their comfort zones. Or maybe you have a calling to dance. You never know. My dance is from my soul. I wake up in the morning and immediately begin dancing. It's a huge part of me. No matter what song comes on I get the urge to go off and it's hard to contain. I am the essence of dance and will continue to grow as such."