May 4, 2017

Mommy, Daddy and Me

Mommy Daddy and Me Art

Come join us as we bond together to create a world of color, creativity, and expression. In this class,  the child will have the freedom to express their individuality.


No classes scheduled


Mommy and Me Music

I hear music and the sound of laughter! Join us as we enjoy teaching sound of joyous children as they sing, shake, drum, and play using a wide range of instruments. During this class we will help sharpen their ear and voices while they form a strong connection with their loved one.


Mommy and Me Dance

Let’s shake, rattle and roll with your child and you two come together for your first duo. Come enjoy free expression of movements that you and your child can enjoy.


Mommy and Me Arts and Crafts

Is a hands on experience class for the child to explore and learn with the parent on how to make their first inventions. Let’s build your creativity with making keepsakes with your child that you can have for a lifetime.


Mommy and Me Story-time

This is a story telling class that you can interact with your child or bringing the story to life. From Little Red Riding to the Three Little Pigs, your child will learn the power of words along with the entertainment of theater.


Mommy and Me Fitness

Interactive exercise play with baby and plus 1. Giving the baby the upper hand on toning, strengthening and training their parent. Join us for this interactive play class today and be ready to burn.


Please check the class schedule for in-house classes. All classes are designed to specific groups and location.

Artists will travel to your location.