July 5, 2018

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Earl Ali-Randall
I am a New Haven Resident. I am a dancer. I have studied all kinds of dance forms such as Contemporary Dance Hip-Hop, Modern, Jazz, West African, Horton, and Ballet. I gradated from Aces-ECA and I went to a dance studio in New Haven. I do have dance teaching experience for different New Haven Public schools. I graduated from Albertus Magnus College and was on a dance team there.
New Haven
Emmanuel Medrano
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I am a hip-hop dance instructor specializing in all forms of the hip-hop style.
New Britain
Helky Kitners
Zumba Instructor
Helky has over 10 years of latin dance experience. Born and raised in Peru, moved to USA in 2011 and started to teach Zumba in 2016.
Oakdale Connecticut
Jeanne C. Warren
Zumba Instructor
A Native of Connecticut, Jeanne transitioned from performing and teaching many different forms of dance to teaching dance fitness.
Joanna Bair
I can teach Acting and most styles of Dance.
Juliana Ortiz
Choreographer/Artistic Director/ Profesional Dancer
Choreographer and professional dancer, The first Latin American dancer certified in the 3 level Cuban Psychoballet Method, Juliana Ortiz gave me ballet classes to women in the maximum security jail. I love working through my passion, dancing.
New Heaven
Kimberly Telford
I am an experienced dance instructor who has 18 years of experience teaching ages 5 into adulthood. I have taught in the New Haven public school system for many years. I owned a dance company and was the Artistic Director of Dance Mode (a competitive dance team). I have experience producing dance shows and/or recitals and have such a great passion for performing.
New Haven
Merly De La Hoz-Cookson
Merly D-Cookson, is a dance instructor and Choreographer with ten years of experience teaching all ages who has committed to promoting health throughout movement. She has performed, and choreographed Modern, West African dance, Belly dance, Carnival dances, Ballet, Jazz, Latin dance and Ethnic dances from Colombia and South America.
Merly’s dance classes offer fun and variety with a range of different songs, music, styles, themes and activities specific to developing motor skills and maintaining student's interest. Over all, her programs are designed for participants to have fun while learning from different cultures, discovering and developing their own abilities within the art of movement.

Middletown Ct
Michael Gonzalez
Hip-hop dance
I am a 24 yr male that loves to move his in a free way that lights everyone's soul up. I've done hip-hop dancing for all my life and have taught it for 5 yes.
Michael Michael
Puppeteer, Acting, Film/TV/ Music Production, Dance, Voice, Motivational Speaker
Artist / producer / performer / motivational teacher.
Brooklyn, New York
Persephonie Alvarez
Dancing for over 15 years, Persephonie is the owner and director of Thrive: The Essence of Dance LLC. She danced competitively at the Seven Star School of Performing Arts and received numerous regional and national scholarships, titles, and awards in the genres of ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, and hip-hop. She also trained with contemporary dance company Pushing Progress under the direction of Chris Hale and Calen J. Kurka where she concentrated on ballet technique, contemporary movement, and the relationship between anatomy and the safe execution of dance steps. Persephonie also studied ballet, jazz, and contemporary at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. Dance can benefit the mind, the body, and the soul and Persephonie would like to share these experiences with eager students and performers while contributing to the progression of their natural talents and potential abilities. She hopes to inspire the magic of dance within the community and to cultivate a generation of future dance stars.
Sandy Hook
Shatasha Mapp
Hip Hop Dance
Hi, my name is Shatasha Mapp, i am 21 years old and i have been dancing since the age of three. I practiced dancing (hip hop, african, jamican, modern, etc.), acting, poetry, singing, rapping, and stepping. I am very passionate about dance. I would like to continue to take classes and get new experiences, as well as, become a professional choreographer in the near future.
Stephanie Dattellas
Five years of professional teaching experience in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Improvisation and Composition.
Taylor Rose
My trained background is in lyrical/contemporary with Graham and Horton influence. I grew up dancing here in in Connecticut and went on to pursue my degree from The University of Colorado. I have a BA in Dance with emphasis in Street Styles and a concentration in Instruction. When I'm not teaching I'm learning, and like to focus my energy on new music and moves.
Tyler Brown
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Tyler "PartyPat" Brown
I create art for the world. Dance is my free form expression. Its raw, and full of soul. I feel dancing in your dreams is a sign to open up. I realized throughout my years many people use dance to break out of their comfort zones. Or maybe you have a calling to dance. You never know. My dance is from my soul. I wake up in the morning and immediately begin dancing. It's a huge part of me. No matter what song comes on I get the urge to go off and it's hard to contain. I am the essence of dance and will continue to grow as such."