August 9, 2018

September Auditions

Fall theater program for Alice in Wonderland Register now for auditions taking place at 64 Ridge Street, Milford CT. Choose desired day Aug 28, 29, and Aug 31 and Sept. 4, 5 or 7th with desired time slot between 4 – 7pm. Auditions are between 5 – 10 minutes. Select “Audition” below to register.

Henry – (male, age 40+) Alice’s Father. Sees the world through facts.
Lorina – (female, age 35+) Alice’s Mother. She acts as her tutor and bridges the communication gap between Henry and Alice. She’s a comforting individual who wants everyone to be his or her best.
Alice – (female, age 13-15) Alice is a dreamer to a fault. Undisciplined in work and studies. She struggles to understand the adult world.
White Rabbit – (male) The White Rabbit is a time-obsessed busy-body. He’s constantly rushing about and pushes others to keep to the time.
Dodo – (male, age 25+) Dodo is a self-important know-it-all. He is condescending and feels he is too important to participate with others.
Mouse – a participant in the caucus race and overly sensitive to comments.
Bill the Lizard – a participant in the caucus race
The Lory – a participant in the caucus race
The Owl – a participant in the caucus race
The Duck – a participant in the caucus race
Cheshire Cat (female) – Cheshire Cat acts as Alice’s guide through Wonderland, giving her advice and explanations. However, she does so in sarcastic and sometimes vague ways that frustrates Alice. She is also slightly crazy.
Frog Footman (male) – Unmotivated and unhelpful.
The Cook (female) – Acts crazed and is obsessed with pepper.
The Duchess (female, age 30+) – She is not a very pleasant individual but always looks for the moral in things.
The Pig (male or female, age 10 or younger) – Appears to be a baby but is actually just a young pig.
Caterpillar (male or female) – a wise helper to Alice but easily annoyed. Encourages Alice to learn.
Mad Hatter (male) – Quite insane host to the Mat Tea Party. Constantly moves about commenting on nonsense. There is very little point in anything he says.
March Hare (male) – Companion and sometimes antagonist to the Mad Hatter. He is just as crazy as the Hatter.
Dormouse (female, age 10-15) – The Dormouse is the sleepy companion to the Mad Hatter and March Hare. She is oblivious to the madness around her.
Gryphon (male or female) – Authoritative creature. Friend of the Mock Turtle.
Mock Turtle (male or female) – Mock Turtle is a very sad creature. Laments over past mistakes in education.
Tweedledee & Tweedledum (can either be 2 males or male and female) – Contradictory siblings who attempt to give Alice advice.
Walrus (male or female) – Lazy and conniving
Carpenter (male or female) – cohort of the Walrus. Also a bit lazy.
Lily (female) – Talking flower. Bossy
Rose (female) – Talking flower. A bit of a snob
Violet (female) – Talking flower. Gossipy
Five of Spades (male or female) – incompetent member of the Queen’s guards
Seven of Spades (male or female) – incompetent member of the Queen’s guards
Two of Spades (male or female) – incompetent member of the Queen’s guards
Queen of Hearts (female) – The overbearing ruler of Wonderland. Mean-spirited, pushy and eager to chop off heads.
King of Hearts (male) – The King thinks he’s in charge, but answers to the Queen. A bit child-like and not good with details.
Knave of Hearts (male) – The Knave is a victim of circumstance, being put on trial for stealing tarts.
Dark Forest Creatures
Playing Card Guards